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After an active day on holiday, guests can treat themselves to some relaxation in our house, use the sauna with colored light and relax with a massage.

We offer you e.g.:

  • Singing bowl massage: A special kind of sensory experience - bring body, mind and soul into "ONE SOUND"! Gentle oscillations and vibrations get the body's energy flowing, every cell is stimulated. Mental and physical blockages can be released and self-healing powers are mobilized.
  • Aroma oil back massage
  • Hot Stone Massage: Wellness treatment with hot stones. In a special ceremony, warm stones are placed on the body's energy centers. The massage achieves a high degree of mental and physical relaxation and relieves tension, stimulates the metabolism, stimulates the lymph flow and revitalizes the energy centers (chakras).
  • Herbal stamp massage
  • Head and neck energy massage
  • Cupping massage
  • Gemstone massage
  • And many more applications
  • Sauna with colored light
  • Sunbed

Rest and relaxation in intact nature ...

Gästehaus Seitz
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Tel. +49 (0)9925 738